Outfit of the Day - On the Road to Devon

What I wore:
Hoodie: Superdry Orange Label
T-shirt: Stussy (circa 2012/13?  Can't remember!)
Shorts: H&M (circa 2012)
Belt: Vintage
Kicks: Vans x Liberty, from The Consortium Store
Bag: Isak & Inger, from Model Citizen, Toronto
Jewellery: Mardle Made
Watch: Omega, Post burglary treat!
Sunnies: Ray Ban, Laramie (circa 2011)

Where I wore it: Road trip to Devon

I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago for the drive down to Devon.  It was the perfect outfit, comfortable whilst still being warm (we've got a convertible and the hood was down....ooooo posh!).  Comfort when travelling has to be the main priority, don't you think?

I love this Stussy t-shirt, I bought it in the January sales a year or two back and it looks great with shorts.  I don't own many t-shirts, perhaps I should buy a few more!

But my favourite part of this outfit???.......well it has to be my new Vans x Liberty kicks.  I LOVE them!  I bought them as a special treat after I injured my foot.  I have to wear sensible shoes so thought I'd treat myself.  They look great with shorts and jeans and are perfect for the transition from summer to Autumn.

I love making my own jewellery and thought I'd give you a close up.  I love working with the metal, it's a great stress reliever!  The earrings are part of a new collection I'm working on (delayed by too much good weather and the want to be outside!).  The bangle was one of the first things I made, and the bracelet was to replace an old one, it has a tag with Mardle Made stamped on it.  The ring is a spinner ring I made in one of my early silversmithing classes.  And the watch, well that was to replace the 7 watches I had stolen in the burglary........Every watch I ever owned, including the one I learnt to tell the time on!  I love the new one though!

Do you have a favourite travelling outfit?  The hoodie in this one is one of the snuggliest things, I wore it on my flight to Toronto and it was so soft and comforting on the plane.

Happy Thursday my lovelies, it's almost the weekend! xx


  1. HeHe! I'm gonna put you in the shade l'm afraid......!!!! :).
    At Christmas l travel by National Coach to
    my daughters, up in the Midlands. Leave the
    Ferrari at home! It makes a change for me
    and l have 6-7 hours travelling!
    Now! Are you ready for this....
    I wear a Pink..'Front Row' shirt...
    White three quarter shorts...(Yes! in the
    Pink/White socks...
    Pink/White trainers...
    Three quarter pink fluffy coat...
    Around the neck, a 12ft pink/white
    scarf...couple of inches off the ground
    either side....
    (Still with me)....
    And matching cases..Pink wheelie one, and
    a smaller hand case...Pink..Of course....!
    Oh! And, 4-5 Macrame bracelets...That my
    daughter makes....
    And, l hear you asking...Do people speak
    to me....HeHe! Is the Pope Catholic.....?

    So there you are...."What you see is what
    you get".
    (Have'nt been locked up yet). :>).
    If you'd like to take a look at my daughters etsy shop...


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