September.....where did you come from?.....

........................August, you left so soon!
Isn't it funny how September just creeps up on you, August was filled with  wonderful things and I was getting carried away with the summer and then Bam! September slapped me in the face.
August, you were awesome, just some of your highlights were:

//Square Fair //Bankes Arms Beer Festival // friends birthdays // my birthday // River Cottage // Crafty Camping (more on this tomorrow!) // Totnes // Bournemouth Air Festival (we go every year!)// Great Dorset SteamFair // and most importantly family & friends.
Here's hoping that September is full of fun, family, friends, and fabulous food!

The things I'm most looking forward to in September are:
//Getting a long overdue haircut
//Working on a new collection for Mardle Made
//Returning to swimming on a regular basis
//Getting back on my bike (foot permitting!)
//Wrapping up on chilly evenings in a nice big jumper
//Wearing shoes
//Friends birthdays
//The last sea swims of the summer
//Late summer bbq's

//Breakfast at The Beach Hut Cafe on chilly September mornings - thier waffles are to die for!
What I'm NOT looking forward to:
//The first of the regular winter Raynauds attacks
//Forgetting that it gets cold in the evenings and selecting the wrong attire........it happens every year, I never learn......surely this happens to everyone, right?
//No more Bank Holidays until Christmas
//The sight of Christmas things in shops whilst we are cherishing the last days of summer! Leave it until November at the earliest!
What are you most looking forward to in September?  Do you and September get on?  I have a roller coaster relationship with September for sure!
Happy Monday my lovelies! xx


  1. September is the 'bestest' month of the year....
    Whey-Hey! Why? Why?
    Firstly that it's 'MY' birthday....On St Matthews day, it's on a Saturday this year, so, as usual it'll run over 3-4 days. Three BIG dinners arranged.....Love it....As l do Christmas!
    Plus! There are four more birthdays, friends etc.
    The vino will flow...And, plenty of food will be eaten...Hic! :).
    "Life is like cooking....All the ingredients are there...You just hope it comes out o.k".
    Amen! ~(^.^)~

    1. Sounds like you have a great September ahead.

      Em xx

  2. I'm looking forward to a good old fashioned September Indian Summer and leaves turning before they start to fall....

    1. Looks like you are getting that Indian Summer. I'm looking forward to seeing all your beautiful photos of those leaves....perhaps with some water fowl in the background!

      Em xx


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