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So, here we are again, ready for another Handmade In Focus!  This week we're featuring Made by Swimmer.

I love plush toys and soft furnishings and one of my favourite makers right now is Made by Swimmer.  They make the most beautiful items....I think I want pretty  much one of everything in their shop! 

My sofa is not only a place to sit, it is also home to my ever growing farm.....and one that really needs a new addition......... but which to choose......

..... Bertie the Whale?

.....the Crocodile?

........Fleur the Sleepy Fox?

.......I think it might have to be the Staffordshire Cats!


.......Too cute!!!!

I love all of these plush toys, such great shapes and the detail on them is brilliant.  And they have such great character too!  

As well as plush toys they make beautiful cushions........

I love the Prawn cushion!  Wouldn't it make a great present for a seafood lover!  They also do a cricket cushion in a fabulous shade of green!  I love the slightly abstract choice of subject matter, a really interesting addition to any living room or bedspread I'd say.

Not only are their products beautiful but they're made from recycled fabrics too!  (How can the Environment Officer in me possibly resist them!)

As well as toys and cushions they also do accessories and this little chap really caught my eye....

He's a little poodle brooch......I know someone who would just love him!  Plus they do bags, glasses cases, and much much more.

I first came across Made by swimmer at the Arts Bournemouth Vintage Market and I fell in love with their Blue Tit Cushion.....it's not on their website but I just had to show you a picture of it, it's absolutely stunning!

I really urge you to check out Made by Swimmer.  They're currently working on some Christmas items to adorn your wonderful Christmas trees!  You can find out what markets they'll be at in the Meet the Maker feature on Wednesday.  I can't wait to share the Meet the Maker feature with you guys!

For now don't forget to check them out in the following places online:

Website & Shop
Etsy Shop

And for more photos of their previous creations check out them out on Pinterest.

I really hope you enjoyed the second installment of Handmade In Focus!  I'm loving writing about all the wonderful handmade goodness going on out there!

Happy Monday my lovelies. xx


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