Here's to Handmade

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Handmade......Made by someones hands!  

I love handmade!  It's beautiful, it's unique, and it's always made with love.

As I said in my earlier post I'm going to be featuring handmade on my blog.  I'm going to use this space to introduce local, national and global artisan crafters to you all.  Some I will have met in person, some only online, but all of them passionate about what they do, and what they create.

I've always had a passion for unique items.  I've always wanted things which are different from everyone else.  Handmade items provide just the uniqueness that I'm looking for.  And to top it off I know that ALL the money I'm spending with Independent artisan crafters is going back into supporting their business.  

So if you love handmade I really hope you follow this blog and look up those crafter who feature here-in.  Think about buying handmade in the run up to Christmas. Support local businesses and give a gift that you know the recipient will love.....just as much as the crafter loved making it.

If you know of, or you are, an artisan crafter and you would like to be featured just drop me a line at mardlemade@gmail.com and if I like what I see then you might just get featured right here!

Happy Wednesday my lovelies. xx

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