(My expression clearly says......"stop taking photos of me, I want to put pancakes in my face!!!!!)

Happy Pancake Day my lovelies!  Don't you just think pancakes make everything better.  They are my go to choice on a Sunday morning (along with French Toast I  might add!).  They can be enjoyed either savoury or sweet, thick or thin, stuffed or sprinkled.  I LOVE pancakes!

My favourites are American pancakes, thick and fluffy, almost spongy in texture.  They are made with buttermilk and taste divine!  That said I don't always have buttermilk to had so I make them with a slight variation..........find the recipe here in one of my previous blog posts.  You'll also find some top recommendations of where to find the best pancakes.

This is THE best idea for pancakes ever, and I have to say I'll be trying this on up coming Sunday morning.....The Boy will be very pleased for sure.

Fancy a healthier version, but just as tasty?  Check out this healthy pancakes by Katrina.......Don't they look AMAZING!!!!  Follow Katrina's 100 Healthy Days here.....she's so inspiring!

And finally, aren't these the prettiest pancakes you've ever seen!

Whatever type of pancakes you are having, enjoy!

Happy Tuesday my lovelies! xx

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