Lovely Summer Days

So another week goes by.......and so quickly!  Is it just me or does a week seems to go by in the blink of an eye!
Palms my dreams. 

But what a week it's been.  It's been beautiful and warm since we got back from Orlando and I really feel like it's extended that holiday feeling.  I'm not a sun worshipper and always wear sunblock but as someone who is constantly cold I like nothing better than to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin.....the warm breeze in my hair and the smell of the sea air.  I'm a summer kind of girl!

This week has consisted of........ finishing the prototype wedding rings for my brother // tidying the house // tidying the studio // reading // going to a folk festival // catching up with friends // swimming // working on volunteering opportunities with staff at work // shopping for bed linen // planning for Latitude Festival // drying washing on the line outside (one of my favourite things) // and all the usual day to day stuff with the love of my life.

Have you had a productive week?

I've also done a little bit of sitting in front of the laptop this week.....and this is what caught my eye:

//  Guy saves tired swimming squirrel......too cute!

//  26 Ridiculously easy ways to be healthy

//  Shrink That Footprint....a great site to help you reduce your energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint....lots of great info and tips.

//  Raccoon Rehab.........I so wish we'd be able to visit when we were in Orlando.....I LOVE Raccoons!!!!!!!  If you are looking for a wildlife charity to support and you love raccoons then look no further!

//  My friend Nicolette is far too talented.....check out her amazing wire sculptures.  I wonder if she could do a Raccoon!!!!

Anywho....once I've sent the wedding rings off I'm ready for a relaxing weekend with The Boy and hopefully a cheeky glass of wine or two!

Happy Friday my lovelies. xx

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