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Hi, I’m Emma!  

I make handmade contemporary silver jewellery in my studio in Bournemouth.

And I also write this lifestyle blog!



My silver jewellery is influenced by the sea and the natural environment.  I am inspired by colours, textures and sounds.  I love Silversmithing and learnt my craft from my friend Jenny of Jenny Greenhow Jewellery who runs silversmithing classes in Dorset.  I sell my jewellery in my online shop, at a few local craft fairs, and my jewellery is also stocked in a couple of galleries in the UK.

As well as silversmithing I write this little blog.  I'm not totally sure of it's identity as yet as it keep evolving.....but I like that!  Blog posts vary from lifestyle features, focusing on handmade craft and artisan sellers, travels, food, pretty much anything.  I love writing and I figured that if I enjoyed writing it, hopefully others would enjoy reading it! 

I'm also a lover of everything and anything vintage!  I have been collecting vintage clothing and homewares for 15 years and I just can't stop!  I have a small collection of items for sale on Etsy.

Now, I cannot stress this enough.....I am addicted to coffee and cake!  I am not joking.  I think I eat cake almost everyday, and well I consume so much coffee I might as well take it intravenously! 

I'm a Norfolk girl at heart, I moved to the South Coast in 2001.  In 2002 I met The Boy and we married in 2006......with an eco-wedding no less! We have a cat called Sooty, she keeps me company and oversees my projects, but mostly she distracts me……especially on windy days when she is chasing leaves in the garden……..too cute! 

The Boy is a computer geek by day but plays drums in a band and also DJ’s by night.   We are lucky enough to live on the South coast and this year my aim is to really appreciate being by the sea. 

Anywho, that’s me in a rather large nutshell, thanks for dropping by, I really hope you enjoy my blog.

(My work bench)

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