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The moment I see that first string of Christmas lights plugged in...I'm suddenly taken back to decorating the tree with my Mom, Bing Crosby singing "White Christmas" in the background, and nothing but Christmas lights and candles burning throughout the house. Aahh! Childhood memories!

Just to let all you lovelies know that I have put my shop on holiday until Monday as I'm off up to Norfolk to visit family .......and to refresh my stock in the wonderful Orton Reynolds Gallery in Eye, Suffolk.

Plus....if you are up that way you might even see me dressed as Tinkerbell for the Eye Christmas Lights Switch on!  All children visiting the gallery can have their photos taken with a variety of Pantomime characters for FREE!!

Happy Thursday my lovelies!


From the Bench-Peg - 29.11.14

I've been busy at the bench-peg the last few evenings, and most of this weekend so far.....and I can tell you a Silversmiths hands are always dirty!  Plus we like hot chocolate with marshmallows!

I've been working on commissions, presents, new stock for a gallery and a little bit of jewellery for myself.

Anywho, I thought in the midst of all this black Friday/Cyber Monday stuff it would be nice to remind people to shop local, shop handmade, and support those who work hard to make beautiful things.

Here's a list of some of my favourite makers from around the UK:

Nicolette Dawn Wire Sculptures

I Like Cats 

Made & Able 

Rosie Moss

Delicious Bits

Soerndegaard Design

Sarah Lovell Art

Herbal Harmony

Happy Weekend my lovelies.  xx


My Brothers Wedding Rings

My brother and I have never been especially close, we bickered as children (don't all siblings), he moved away, I moved away, he moved back, I never did.  So when he asked me if I would make his and Lynsey's wedding rings I was really touched.

We talked through a number of designs, I made some prototypes, and we settled on the final design.  I ordered the white gold and set about making the rings.......and then the nerves kicked in!  My brothers wedding rings!  He and Lynsey were going to wear these for the rest of their lives......and I wanted to make them perfect!

I thoroughly enjoyed making the rings, it was such a special experience.  Being asked to make the rings they will wear forever felt like being let into the biggest secret in all the world.  The day before the wedding I took the rings up to Norfolk and gave them to the bride and groom.....and I'm so pleased to say they loved them!  

The wedding seems like an age ago now but I just wanted to share with you some of the beautiful photos which Orton-Reynolds, the wedding photographer, took of the happy couple and the wedding rings.  

I was also asked to make the bridesmaids necklaces.  I very rarely get to see the look on peoples faces when they open my jewellery boxes so it was lovely to see this photo of Lynsey's sister-in-law opening her necklaces.

And finally here's a piccie of my Brother and I taken by my dear Mum.  A rare and lovely sibling moment.

I really feel that the journey of making the wedding rings has brought my brother and I closer together.  A truly special experience.   

So thank you Warren & Lynsey for making me a part of your special day.

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